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Welcome to HPPA
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HPPA is an association of members whose aim is to foster the relationship between HP plan members, the trustees and the company (HPE).

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We received over 720 responses to our survey. You can read all about it by clicking the link below.

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Most Recent Updates & Communications

About HPPA

HPPA is an association of members whose aim is to foster the relationship between plan members, the trustees and the company.

HPPA was formed after extensive research into the relationship between the HP pension plan members, the Company and the Trustees revealed that the development of better communications could yield positive benefits to all concerned. In particular it was recognised that encouraging pension plan members to take a much greater interest in the performance of the company, could result in the company responding by taking a much greater interest in them – and seeing them as assets in the business arena.


HPPA is funded by voluntary donations from its members. If you would like to donate please click here

HPPA Aims To:

Bring benefits to HPPA Members.

Such benefits will include preferential purchase arrangements  for products and services from varied suppliers.

Have HPPA Members seen as assets

Both by HP and the communities with which pension plan members interact. To this end the Association will encourage and support the volunteering activities of members and facilitate making such efforts a beneficiary of the rewards available through the HP Volunteering and Reward Programs.

Build a strong and productive relationship with Pension Trustees and HP.

The Association anticipates being a voice of Members in interaction with the Trustees and HP. We will also aim to be of assistance both to Trustees and Pension Arrangement Members in Member/Trustee relations.

Recent News Items

Email to Paul Early

From: Alan Evans Subject: Roadmap to Recovery Date: 12 May 2022 at 12:47:21 BST To: Paul Early  Hello Paul, Thank you for your response to our request for re-establishing

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Letter to Marc Waters

From: Alan Evans (HPPA)Sent: 07 June 2022 21:58To: Marc Waters (HPE)Cc: Paul Early (Trustees)Subject: Pensioners in Crisis – Roadmap to Recovery Hello Marc, Following the welcome news of the granting

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